Analysis Of Categorization Of Gothic Literature Essay

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Todorov Tells All: Categorization of Gothic Literature In gothic literature, there are different ways to categorize stories and tales. There is a concept known as “The Fantastic”, based off of Tzvetan (Yzetyen) Todorov’s ideas of the gothic criteria for gothic literature. The stories “The Lonesome Place”, “The Reencounter” and “The Black Cat” each fall under a category in Todorov’s gothic criteria: The Uncanny, The Marvelous and The Fantastic. In Todorov’s gothic criteria, there are three different categories: The Uncanny, The Marvelous and The Fantastic. In stories that fall under The Uncanny, there is always a rational solution to the strange events that take place. There is nothing hiding deep in the stories and readers are not left wondering what happened by the time they finish reading. With stories under The Marvelous, the solution to the bizarre things happening is the supernatural. Creatures like ghosts, vampires, zombies or aliens are responsible for the strange events that take place within the story. The Fantastic is the last category in Todorov’s gothic criteria and perhaps the most interesting of the three. With The Fantastic, readers might not see a clear answer to what is happening in the story. These stories could be a complete mystery or a mix between The Uncanny and The Marvelous. Either way there is no clear cut answer to the strange events taking place in the story, which drives readers insane and leaves them craving more. Many opinions state that The…

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