Analysis Of Cassie In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

In the book Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry, By Mildred D. Taylor the main character Cassie is very innocent. The book is about a 9 year old girl named Cassie. Cassie is a black girl in a family of 7. This includes her 3 brothers, a mom, a dad, and her grandma. Their family name is the Logans. The Logans are one of the few black families that have their own land. They are so poor that the father has to work on railroads almost all year. There mother tries to protect them from this racist world. She is keeping the innocent or more commonly know as not really knowing what is going on. In chapter 5 Big Ma (the grandmother) is taking Cassie, her older brother Stacey and Stacey 's friend T.J. into Strawberry town.

On page 105-16 of Roll of Thunder
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Cassie moves their cart to the back of the market and Big Ma thinks it’s a great spot, but Cassie says “Well, what the devil we doing back here then! Can’t nobody see us.” Big Ma warns back “You watch your mouth, girl.” Cassie doesn’t know that they can’t go up front, even though they are on of the first people there. Cassie is so innocent that she doesn’t even know that whites think less of blacks. She barely knows racism exists. If she didn’t overhear her mom and another person talking at church she would be as innocent as a 2 year old child. She thinks that everything is even and that is the way it should be, but people are stubborn and they still think lesser of blacks even after the civil war. As the chapter progresses Cassie continues to be very innocent and does not learn from her mistakes. Also even after this warning, on page 106 she says “Why don’t we move our wagon up there with them other …show more content…
When T.J. is staring at a gun scarily Cassie asks why he wants it so much. He can’t even hunt with it! T.J answers “Ain’t sposed to hunt with it. It’s for protection.” Cassie asks “Protection from what?” After this question she starts to think about all the guns in her house and why they might need them. Cassie is on the edge of finding out why they all need guns, but she is too innocent to figure the whole thing out. She is kind of scared when she sees T.J. looking weirdly at the gun. It makes her feel unsafe because she may think T.J. is becoming more and more sketchy and is making Cassie uncomfortable. Also he says he will give his life for this gun and brings the gun up a lot in the next few chapters. Plus it is a expensive gun that T.J. will never be able to afford so for him to fantasize over a gun is pretty scary. Especially if you 're a very innocent 9 year old like Cassie. It was a good thing Stacey made T.J. and Cassie leave or that could have been a worse

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