Analysis Of Carla Seaquist 's Behemoth Essay

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In Carla Seaquist’s Behemoth in a Bathrobe, historical events, opposing perspectives, and an interesting use of dialogue are used to persuade American citizens to be more mindful and motivated to get back a lost “can-do spirit.” The playwright originally published this article in February 2003 on Christian Science Monitor, just two years after the attack on September 11, 2001. Through this piece, she challenges Americans to stop avoiding the issues that need to be dealt with. The revised version was published to Huffington Post in 2013 changing the addressed societal issues of 2003 to the more relevant affairs happening in 2013. Due to her appeals to pathos working alongside logos, her use of ethos, as well as introducing an alternate perspective and display of character development, her argument is effective to the reader. The structure of this text is not only effective, but also intriguing and engaging. This is a result of the author writing it uniquely as a dialogue between two characters, Behemoth and Voice. The character of Behemoth is there to depict America as a whole and Voice depicts America’s ‘conscience,’ therefore it is obviously directed to the audience of American citizens. Voice starts by questioning Behemoth about what has happened to him, followed by addressing him about having a spirit of avoidance. Voice then goes on to take Behemoth through history and recalling both the hardships and the accomplishments America has been through. He reminds him of the…

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