Kurt Vonnegut's Short Story: Can I Get A Glass Of Water

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The small kid rushed back home. He knocked on the door with his thin, small palm while holding his empty water bottle in the other hand. Quick heavy steps approached the door few seconds after he knocked on the door. “Thank God you are here,” Melissa shouted as she flung the door open and stopped it few millimeters before it hit the wall. As soon as she got a good glimpse of who knocked on the door, she left the grip of the door and rushed to the stairs to head back to her room. The boy managed to squeeze his way into the house before the huge door shut him out. When she was halfway to her room walking with heavy steps filled with enormous disappointment, she was interrupted by a sweet voice “Can I get a glass of water?”, (not sure how the grammar works for this) the little boy requested. The girl paused for a second; she looked at the fancy rose-gold watch on her wrist and started walking back to her room. The boy was thinking about the water dispenser that was available in his previous house. He thought about how he could easily climb on his Winnie the Pooh stool and grab a glass of water and satiate his thirst. The boy searched for a stool to climb so he can reach a glass. His father remarried and moved to the compound house of his new …show more content…
He published a list of eight rules which he thinks makes a good story. One of the rules says that “Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for.” In one of his other rules he mentions, “Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading character, make something awful happen to them(...)”. While thinking about these rules one might think of them as shallow and not true. However, what Vonnegut is implying is that characters are supposed to be placed in situations which would test them and which would help them develop and build

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