Analysis Of Branding Feminism

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Branding Feminism Have you ever wondered how media can affect how we treat other people? Through subtle marketing techniques, that many times we don’t even notice, our minds can be molded towards a way of thinking. The media in our society today has a huge effect on how we perceive what is normal for certain genders. The difference between genders is huge and many don’t even know there is a problem. That is why the popular fashion magazine, Elle, is trying to get the issue of feminism back into the mainstream through an ad campaign titled #MoreWomen. The main goal of this campaign is to highlight the gender gaps in our society. Elle believes it is important for people to see a different brand of feminism, and thinks that putting this campaign out there will help people view feminism in a new way. But it’s also possible that this makeover may be hurting progress. The feminist movement has a negative connotation to many people, this is something Elle is trying to change. It shouldn’t be as controversial as it seems. It isn’t about women who are men-haters but about women being equal to men. And that isn’t a controversial issue. The reason feminism isn’t clear to people is because everyone has their own view on what it means. That is where …show more content…
Anyone can be a feminist. Rejecting the idea that feminists are masculine, aggressive, or strong just reinforces that women cannot act in this way. It’s something that we should all be able to get behind and say that it’s the right thing to do. Feminism is the longing for equality of genders and isn’t something that needs to be pretty. I think Elle is trying to do the right thing, but isn’t seeing that some of their marketing techniques are misleading. Feminism is not a trend that needs to be glamorized and colorful for it to catch on. Maybe trend setters and editors need to become more comfortable with what it actually

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