Analysis Of Bradstreet To My Love Husband

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Love is “two were one”, love will “live ever”. Bradstreet shows her countless love for her husband in her poem of love, “to my dear and loving Husband”. She shows the binding energy that can adhesion two people into one. Her poem conveys crucial massage to her husband especially and to all her audiences about the significance of love in the sacred family. She prices this love more than any valuable things in the word. Her philosophy about the love is connected between the heaven and the earth; love is a symbol of the heaven, and love can defeats all challenges and temptations. Obviously, her poet unveils about Bradstreet is actual religious woman, which is dedicated their life to God. (Furey)
Her setting story refers to her personal life; as
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One sentence of her poem gives a picture of her emotion when she portrays her love as full as water in a river, “My love is such that Rivers cannot quench”. She organizes her setting surrounding a beautiful river. The river that has go through four seasons each year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. She visualizes that her personal life as beautiful as a river’s scenery; her daily life runs as smoothly as a water flows, caring children as gentle as water touching, and she loves for her husband as water loves …show more content…
His love is more than, “whole mines of gold”. She wants to shows her husband that he is the most important in all of her possessions. He worth more than any of the best treasures this earth has to offer; riches and gold. Gold and riches cannot stay with her when she leaves this world, only love will stay forever. “Gold is only valuable in human society; it has no value after Death. Money, after all, is just a way to measure the material possessions of one person against the possessions of everyone else: if everyone on earth owned the same amount, then exchanging money would be pointless.” (Emily Warn )Her expressions to her husband that she cannot live without him. He is the vital of her life, her breath and her mind. His love bring comfortable, protected, and joyful to her life; not only this life, but the life on heaven. Thus, the metaphor plays special tool to convey a narrator’s meaning between love and

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