Analysis Of Bradbury 's ' The Cold War ' Essay

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Bradbury conveys a communistic dictatorship in the futuristic United States under the mask of a utopia, a world where the Nazi party could have succeeded in their world conquest or even if the cold war had actually happened. Where the government has taken control over all written text and descended into madness with their use of censorship and demanded that no man, woman, or child shall be allowed to read. All books are to be burned by “fireman”, “Burn them to ashes and then burn the ashes” (Bradbury 8.). This novel is populated with characters that follow the government blindly by allowing themselves to be doped up and dumbed down with the government pushing drugs.
They have almost entirely lost all the emotions that make humanity great. Bradbury strongly believes (knowledge=power) and how much power that books/texts can hold both physical and emotional, and withholding these rights from people they will never stop fighting.
Bradbury had a fear and paranoia of the technology we are producing in our modern war efforts. The Cold War that followed World War II may have also given him the inspiration to write his book. The United States government, under the McCarter administration, made new ideas of what can cause or encourage communism in the citizen of our country, and who may be attached to its efforts. He also attempted to band books he believed were pushing the communistic agenda, but, at last, he nor did any other members have enough power to implement agenda. On…

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