Analysis Of ' Bilbo 's ' The Hobbit ' Essay

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The protagonist and title character of The Hobbit, Bilbo is by far the novel’s most important figure. Bilbo’s thoughts, feelings, and actions form the focus of the novel and shape its plot. Unlike other characters in the novel, Bilbo creates his own reputations by actions and decisions he makes on his own. Certain actions and decisions that call for desperate measures and feats of strength reveal the courage and bravery of Bilbo. The constant fear of death makes the hobbit change from a boring old creature to a strong and adventurous person. This change of character helps center the plot around the transformation of Bilbo, exploiting his audacity and ferocity. This exploitation helps shape Bilbo into the hobbit he becomes by the end of the novel. Bilbo’s central role is underscored by his appeal—he is not only the most important but also the most likable and honorable character. This esteemed reputation was hard earned, but well deserved by the hobbit. He went through numerous scenarios required feats of strength and cunningness to overcome. He has to earn his honor rather than have it bestowed precedently. This honor was vigorously achieved, but Bilbo deserved it because of the acts of bravery and audacity that he accomplished not only for himself, but for the fate of his comrades .Even as the other participants in his quest become corrupted by greed, Bilbo maintains his common sense, courage, and eagerness to become a wiser man. He determines what kind of a person he will…

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