Analysis Of Bernie Sanders 's ' I Have A Dream ' Essay

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Growing up as a child of Polish immigrants, Bernie Sanders understands what is it like to barely have enough money to buy necessities.
Bernie Sanders has a thick political background, making him the most eligible candidate for the 2016 presidential election. In January of 1962, when Sanders was just twenty years old, he led a multi week sit-in to oppose segregation as an officer of the Congress of Racial Equality (Bernie’s Story). Barely a year later in 1963, he took an overnight bus full of fellow advocates to hear Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech “I Have A Dream” firsthand (Bernie’s Story). Throughout the next ten years, Bernie ran for three statewide races, including two U.S Senate seats and a place in Government. Defeating a six-term “local machine mayor,” Sanders ran independently in 1981 and became mayor of Burlington, Vermont by a slim margin of ten points (Bernie’s Story). Again in 1983, he won his second mayoral race, defeating his opponent by a sizeable lead of twenty-one votes (Bernie’s Story). Winning the seat as mayor two elections in a row proves that Bernie Sanders works hard to earn his position and did his town justice. Caring about his constituents, Mayor Sanders created affordable housing by establishing the Burlington Community Land Trust in 1984 (Bernie’s Story). His intentions of creating this trust were to increase the quality of life. Bernie Sanders is not afraid to take risks as long as the outcomes involve improving the standards of our…

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