Analysis Of Ben 's Reserves As A Vital Need For The Entire River Road Development

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After Ben’s reserves are used, water becomes a vital need for the Braggs. Randy remembers the water connected to the Henry’s home is “Artesian water, unlimited!” (Frank 147). With the cooperation of the Henry household, water is connected to the entire River Road development removing barriers and forming a new community (Frank 150). Without the generosity and help of the Henry family, the Braggs could easily have died without water. These neighborhoods which came with barriers of separation “were the products of ideas and ideologies about group differentness that were often channeled into policies and practices of exclusion that profoundly affected people of color” (Camarillo 646). One practice of exclusion was shown in Bill McGovern’s choice of vocabulary. When referring to his African-American neighbors, Bill asserted “that we’ll have to watch out for the dinges. Keep ‘em under control. … Darkies, hell. The dinges are liable to panic and start looting” (Frank 75). Bill is just one of the characters who automatically stereotypes African-American people as criminals and thieves. Later in Alas, Babylon, Bill works with the Henry family putting his mechanical knowledge with the knowledge of their family. He learns how to overcome his stereotypes and better understand his neighbors when he looks past the color of their skin. One project that Bill works on with the Henrys is Two-Tone’s corn whiskey distiller. Two-Tone was overlooked by the Braggs before the Day because of his…

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