Analysis Of Ben Franklin By Edmund S. Morgan Essay

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Ben Franklin written by Edmund S. Morgan, provides highly detailed information on
Benjamin Frankin’s life. Each chapter talks about different times and accomplishments throughout his life. In Chapter one, Morgan provides us with what Franklin did as a kid growing up, and what he was like. Morgan writes, “[...][A] muscular young man, about five feet nine or ten, full of the energies-physical, intellectual, and sexual-of youth...he enjoys a form of exercise that few people of his time dared to try: he swims, and he is good at it,” (Morgan, 2-3). Chapter one provides examples of why I agree the quote. For example, while America was trying to gain its independence, “[...]Franklin was in Paris, winning the alliance that secured American independence,” (Morgan, 27). Franklin was such a popular and influential man that during the revolution, he was sent overseas to Paris to make an alliance. Also, he was a great ruler in the eyes of many, however did not have much of an interest holding public office. Morgan said about Franklin, “Although he has refused service in the Pennsylvania Assembly in 1748, he accepted election from Philadelphia in 1751,” (Morgan, 29). Chapter one informs the readers of Franklin’s early life, and parts of his influence on America around the time of the American Revolution.
In Chapter two Morgan tells us how Franklin was a liked person worldwide, different projects he worked on, and his influences on American politics. Franklin was very popular worldwide,…

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