Analysis Of `` Behind Every Mask There Is A Face, And Behind That A Story

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Marty Rubin says: “Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story.” Daniel Black’s The Coming is a novel based on the torturous history of slavery. The novel describes in brutal detail what our African ancestors went through during the Middle Passage in addition to the auction of their own bodies. In the novel, Black takes his readers through a journey in the past during the Atlantic Slave Trade. The Coming is unlike other slavery related novels because although it is fictional, it creates an image of what slavery was like for the African people. However, The Coming is not just all about the negative aspects. In the novel, the African people are strong and loyal to one another. They do not hesitate to help each other through their personal struggles or in general. The artifact discussed in this essay is an African ceremonial mask from the Baule peoples in Côte d’Ivoire, a country located in West Africa. The African ceremonial mask is located on the first floor of the Howard University Fine Arts Building. Per the mask’s description, African ceremonial masks are visual representations of certain divine spirits who serve as intermediaries between humans and the Supreme Being. The ceremonial masks are extremely essential during rituals; masks are used to disguise the identity of the participants of such rituals. It is also important to note that all masks are unique, every one different from the other. The masks can be used for various types of rituals; therefore,…

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