Analysis Of Barbara Ehrenreich 's Article ' Selling Of A Minnesota '

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Working in retail is rough. Although I spent a day working a shift, the level of exhaustion and stress I experienced that one day must be what my mom goes through every day she works. For all my life, my mother has worked at a retail store called Express where she brought me to work with her. Those times are what gave me the motivation to pursue a job and gave me the idea to pursue a life in fashion, or more specifically a life in retail. In the beginning, I thought working retail is interesting and thought if my mom could do it then I can as well. Until I got my first dose of reality when I accepted a temporary position for Black Friday at the store my mom still works. Something similar is addressed in Barbara Ehrenreich 's article “Selling in Minnesota”. First, the author describes her experiences working at Wal-Mart to find out how people can live on minimum wage. She begins with a self-debate about her work schedule and how she should manage between her working hours and her break time. Such as how she learns on her own that “11:00 [pm], the so-called closing shift, although the store remains open 24/7” (Ehrenreich 316). Although she has not stated so directly, Ehrenreich is stressed about having to figure out herself how to conduct her break time as well as how the store she works at functions. I experienced most of the author 's confusion at the first employee meeting. On that day, I learned so many new things most of my colleagues already knew. Whenever my colleagues…

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