My First Day At A Hollister

Long hours of constantly standing and running up and down the store addressing customers and trying to keep the store presentable is certainly not a job I would settle for. Retail is a job for students that come and go, that are trying to make extra money for themselves, but not for somebody who is already of age, has a family to maintain, and bills to pay. Many people settle for less and are so used to being in a certain place doing the same thing every day that they fear change and do not want to seek better opportunities. I have worked in retail for only two years, my first year at a store called Hollister. My experience there was that I only saw young teens working, most of them being so irresponsible. This is not a serious job, anyone …show more content…
I mean of course it was cool at the moment when I was in high school because whenever my friends would want to do something or I had something come up I wouldn 't even have to worry about work. It was all just a text away to one of my million coworkers asking if they could cover me for the day, and of course since there were so many of us each always trying to get more hours, there would always be someone willing to take it. The first thought that comes to my mind when I hear the word “ Retail” is , not enough hours. I would only make up to $150 every two weeks at times and this was certainly not enough for me, specially if they forced us to wear their clothing which was not very cheap. My managers were the older ones in their 20’s always complaining how they wouldn’t get paid enough and how they had to handle some bills so they would take other employees’ hours. They literally wouldn’t do anything throughout their whole shift, but sit in the back talking to another manager or walk around with a clipboard “ managing the employees”. I mean having such a laid back job and winning some cash for hanging out certainly seemed comfortable enough for them even though they were not making enough money to pay bills. I even

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