Analysis Of As I Lay Dying By William Faulkner

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“William Faulkner” William Cuthbert Falkner was one of the greatest American Writers in the twentieth century. In Europe he was considered at that time “the foremost living American author”. He was a very unique individual. William was always interested in drawing, reading and writing poetry. William wrote many historical novels in his time. Things about William Faulkner I learned is: a book summary, his years of youth and adolescence, and adulthood years.
As I Lay Dying is about different narrators and how they see things. it has different narrative sections. The book is about the Bundrens living on a farm in Mississippi in the 1920s. On one of the sections it talks about Darl Bundren, who then talks about his brother’s Cash, Jewel, and
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William was named after his great-grandfather William Clark Falkner. He grew up in the small town where he spent the majority of his life at. He was the oldest from his four brothers. His mother 's name was Maud ,Butler, Falkner and his father’s name was Murry Cuthbert Falkner. At the age of twelve he was already interested in reading and writing poetry. In William’s adolescent years he dropped out of high school in the eleventh grade, despite weather it was his intelligence or just because of the fact that he did not find any more interest in it. In his words “ I never did like school and stopped going to school as soon as I got high enough to play hooky and not get caught at it.” After dropping out, he worked as a carpenter and as a clerk at his grandfather’s bank. William worked many odd jobs and …show more content…
William tried to enlist in the U.S. Forces ,but he was unable to join in light of the fact that he was considered too short and underweight. On July, 1918 William officially adds a “U” to his last name and lies about several other facts, in order to hope to seem more British to have the ability to join the Royal Air Force to fight in World War 1. He trained on British and Canadian bases as a pilot in the first Royal Canadian Air Force. Just after finishing his training the war ended and William was never given the opportunity to see the war for himself and fight in it. After the war, he goes back to Oxford, Mississippi to finally finish his education at the University of Mississippi as a special student. While studying at the University William was working on a short story called Landing on Luck it was his first publication. In spite of the fact that in the University of Mississippi he failed the English course and withdrew from the University, he went on reading and writing on his free time. Around this time he makes a decision to keep his last name with the “U”. However, William went on with his life, he worked as a postmaster at the University, and marries ,his childhood sweetheart and his best friend, Estelle Oldham ,who had divorced her first husband months before getting with William, and gave up his

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