Analysis Of Anne Bradstreet 's ' I My Dear And Loving Husband '

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A poet, much like any other form of artist or writer, derive their influence from the life they have lived. A prime example of this would be Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet. Bradstreet was one of the first American poets although she was born across the Atlantic Ocean in England in 1612. She lived on a comfortable estate in Northampton, England (Barkas Goldman). Bradstreet’s poetry was influenced both by her life and faith. Bradstreet’s poems changed, as her poetry progressed and as critics discouraged her, from a strong feminist/masculine voice to a submissive/feminine voice. This change can be clearly seen between one of her earlier poems,“The Prologue”, and one of her later poems, “To My Dear And Loving Husband”. Puritans were viewed as people with a religion too strict for others in England. Bradstreet 's parents emigrated to America in search of religious freedom. Phyllis Goldman Barkas states “Bradstreet’s poetry was a personal reflection of the trials and joys of her life as a Puritan woman in America (Barkas Goldman).” While Bradstreet’s faith was strong a lot of times it did get in the way of her being able to express herself.
The daughter of a powerful public figure in Puritan New England, well-educated and steeped in Elizabethan poetic tradition, Bradstreet was limited to imitating the poetic conventions of the literary tradition she inherited. Maria Lugones and Elizabeth spelman, in a discussion of “feminist theory, cultural imperialism and demand for ‘women’s…

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