Analysis Of ' Angry Men ' Essay

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12 Angry Men is a play involving twelve men who are serving jury duty for a court case involving a young man facing the death penalty. This young man is facing this charge for killing his father with a switchblade. The old man who lives under the defendant said he heard the young man yell “I’m going to kill you” followed by the sound of someone falling, and then saw the man on the staircase. There is also a lady, who lived in the building next to them who says she saw through a passing elevated train car window the young man stabbing his father. Even with this evidence juror number eight brought up the idea to the other jurors that the defendant may be not guilty. He used many of the persuasive techniques that were taught this semester to get his point proven to the other jurors.
This juror was respectful from the start, which lead him to gain a vote from the older juror from the beginning simply because he wanted to give him the opportunity to talk. He answered all objections that he was given in a respectful manner, which made the other men respect him even if they didn’t agree with him to begin with. If the tables would have been turned and he had the attitude of the last three jurors to change their votes to not guilty, then the older juror would never have given him a chance and he would have been forced to agree with the other eleven men to put a man to death for crime he may have not even committed.
He went through all the evidence and emphasized flaws that could…

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