Analysis Of Angelou 's ' I Know Why The Caged Bird Sing ' Essay

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Angelou’s writings reveal her past with dealing with discrimination, trauma and humiliation in her life. As an activist toward civil right movement, she writes about the oppression of African American by speaking about the issue through her writing, like many great leaders. Maya can connect with her reader with from her writing. Maya is writing give hope for those who suffer from in the past of segregation. In her autobiography, I know why the caged bird sing she talks about anger of watching her grandmother staying silent to a disrespectful white girls, because she was raised to believe children should respect elderly and act properly. As a child, she could not understand why black people 's treated as second-class citizen to the point where they could even eat a certain color ice cream on a certain day even if they hold higher standard in the community. She experiences first how unfair the world is when she see her uncle Willie having to hide in the potato shack because the fear of being Lynch by an angry racist mob. hand of seeing her grandmother who would punish her so quickly for disrespecting adult stay quiet toward “poor white kid” that display such poor manner toward her momma.

Growing up Maya experience many traumatizing events in her life that that should have hindered her accomplishment. As a child, she dealt with being abandonment is not a subject that is new to Maya because growing up she dealt it being sent to her grandmother with her brother Bailey.…

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