Analysis Of Andy Warhol 's ' The Eyes Of The Minds Of History '

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Introduction Have you ever wondered how many individuals suffer from a mental illness? In Andy Warhol is a Hoarder : Inside the Minds of History, C. Kalb gives readers an exclusive insight on famous individuals mental illness secrets, and defines the interesting elements of every illness. The novel helps individuals understand the scary, challenging, and emotional aspects of handling a mental illness. Mental illnesses have been stigmatized as “crazy” but in this novel C. Kalb gives educational criteria from the DSM-IV that ques readers to understand the history and manifestations of a certain mental disorder and the key factors needed to control the illness. The histories of famous actors, scientists, and political figures allows individuals compare what society viewed, rather than the ionic individuals secret.
Compelling Story of Marilyn Monroe The famous person that was most interesting to me was Marilyn Monroe. The history behind the name change, identity change, and emotional change helped identify the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. I found Marilyn to be a “new image” that Norma Jean saw herself as to hide the pain and despair experienced in younger years from her mother and others. Unresolved issues lead Norma Jean to her own demise when many had seen a cry for help. Marilyn Monroe was an iconic beauty that did not defy the media 's cry to be thin and photo-shopped. Marilyn was a size six in women’s and was idealized as America’s beauty and the…

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