And Then There Were None Essay

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The story And Then There Were None relates more to present day scenarios than some may think, like the scenario described in the article “Getting Away with Murder”. In this article, it describes an act of vigilante justice that occurred in Chicago, where a group of eight men killed Jack Moore and Anthony Stuckey after witnessing the men hit a group of women with their car (“Getting Away with Murder”). This scenario shares multiple similarities as well as differences with And Then There Were None. One parallel between the texts is that both texts contain a story about someone who has determined that their own moral compass should determine the fate of others, not the law. For instance, in And Then There Were None Justice Wargrave commits acts of vigilante …show more content…
When it comes to Justice Wargrave, I do not think that he should have taken the law into his own hands. Although the people he murdered were guilty of their accused crimes, that did not give Mr. Wargrave the right to take their lives, especially in such a cruel and unusual fashion. There is no justification for murder, no matter how terrible a person’s actions may be. Along with this, I feel the same way about the scenario described in the article that I read. The eight men had no right to murder Jack Moore and Anthony Stuckey. Moore and Stuckey should have been punished by the legal system, not by the vigilantes. One offense doesn’t justify another, especially since the vigilantes did not officially know at the time if Moore and Stuckey had actually killed any of the woman that they had run into (“Getting Away with Murder”). The vigilantes should have let the legal system run its course. Vigilante justice is never a positive thing, and this statement becomes indisputable when reading And Then There Were None and “Getting Away with

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