Essay about Analysis Of Almereyda 's Rendition Of Hamlet

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Almereyda 's rendition of Hamlet is one where the bustling and modern metropolis of New York City is the backdrop for the Elizabethan Era tragedy. This amalgamation between the old and the new allows Almereyda’s characters, such as Polonius, to interact in ways that Shakespeare never intended. Throughout the original play, Polonius is seen spying on Hamlet in multiple scenes: this spying remains true in Almereyda’s interpretation. Almereyda relies on his backdrop of New York City and the new technology of the modern era to transform Polonius’ spying from archaic to modern.
In the original text of Hamlet, Polonius’ courtier role to Claudius is seen as he offers to spy on Hamlet in order to discover if he is truly in love with Ophelia. Polonius says “At such time I’ll lose my daughter to him. Be you and I behind the arras then” describing his plan to hide behind a tapestry to eavesdrop on Hamlet and Ophelia (2.2.162-63). This scene however is morphed to conform to the modern times of Almereyda’s Hamlet. In this scene of the movie, Polonius does not hide in the room in that Ophelia and Hamlet converse, but instead has Ophelia wear a wire. This is an interesting directorial decision because during their discussion, Hamlet discovers Ophelia’s wire. This decision diverges the play from the movie in that during the play there is no clear point where Hamlet discovers he is being listened to, making it unclear how Hamlet is addressing Ophelia at this time. With a specific moment that…

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