Essay on Analysis Of Alfonso X 's Las Siete Partidas

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Alfonso X’s Las Siete Partidas represents the theory of colonial mindset or mentality and how it influenced the cultural and religious ideologies of Medieval Spain. Colonial mindset or mentality represents not only the cultural and religious acceptance of another’s ideologies, but also demonstrates how the concept of superiority of one religion influenced society’s perspectives of the status quo. As a result, colonial mentality creates racial and sexual inequality and establishes a social hierarchy, which oppresses and undermines diversity, or ideologies that diverge from the superior’s social norms.
Influenced by colonial mindset, Las Siete Partidas represents the biases and prejudice that Christians felt towards the Islamic and Jewish culture, and their depictions of gender and gender roles. During the Medieval Europe, Spain was considered a “melting-pot,” of different cultures and religions, due to the emigration of the Muslims from Northern Africa and the emergence and uprising of the Jewish communities in a Christian-dominated society. As a result, the intermingling of the Islamic, Jewish and Christian cultures not only causes cultural and religious conflicts, but also influences society’s perceptions and opinions. Thus, Las Siete Partidas encompasses Spain’s societal standards and perceptions of religion, gender and sexuality, symbolizing the oppression and regulation of non-Christians and the restriction of gender roles.
Las Siete Partidas symbolizes the idea…

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