Essay about Analysis Of Alex Haley 's ' The Tv Mini Series ' Roots

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We Are The Roots

With the recent uproar of racial based harassment at the University of Missouri, it makes one think about the actual advancement of African Americans. In America race is often the issue in many problems people face. In the TV mini-series "Roots" we see the struggles Blacks face from slavery up until the civil war. It follows the family line of Kunta Kinte and his generations to follow. As advertised, the author, Alex Haley, is a direct family member of Kunta. As a little boy he heard many stories that have been passed down about his family. He is writing to bring to the light the cruelty and injustice that has been brought upon these humans that have been turned into slaves, as well as highlighting the good in some of the whites that so many hated for their crimes. I feel that, with the overwhelming amount of racial indiscretions, going back to our roots is what is needed in such damning times.

Alex Haley made a claim that he was in the direct blood line of Kunta Kinte, thus driving him to write a book on his life that he heard while growing up in the south. It is known that Haley was sued by an author for claims of plagiarism. It raised the eyebrows of many who thought so highly of this man and his story. Not only did he deceive the people who viewed the movie that was based on his book, but it began to make people question the authenticity of the movie. If he plagiarized another mans work, how are we to believe the events and stories that he described?…

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