Analysis Of Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Essay

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Our humanity predicates on the principle that individuals’ freedom and originality coexist adamantly with different human beings’ relations and uniqueness, yet we often ostracize human beings’ individuality. Similarly, we can adversely pinpoint how our society’s persistent conformity to one ideal of a human being relates to the Utopian society’s conformity of individuality presented in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. We divulge the inhumane isolation of humane emotions in the novel, yet we are conducting the very same principles to human beings who express their true individuality. Consequently, the aspects that define a humane individual appear in the novel’s character, John the Savage who represents the forgotten world of true humanity. John the Savage is the ideal character to vividly exhibit the cruelty in the Utopian society that somewhat resembles our own humanity expect to an extreme extent. Notably, he is an outsider who does not belong to either worlds in the Utopia and he provokes significance into the world that took action into aspects where humanity is too afraid to risk doing. Throughout Brave New World, John the Savage indicts psychological traits that do not fit into the social norms of the Utopia or the Reservation and his traits induce great prominence in himself and the novel as a whole.
John the Savage indicates a series of psychological traits from his defense mechanisms to his habits to his personality traits that shun him from the fictionalized…

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