Character Analysis Abigail In The Crucible

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Lejla Muric
Mrs. Stokley
English 10
4 November 2016

Call Me Abigail Proctor
It is true that Abigail was in love with a man named John Proctor, and she just craved a higher status, and love makes people do crazy things. Abigail is a static, round character, and she has not changed throughout the whole play. However, Abigail still sent people to their deaths and was willing to do whatever she had to do in order to get the name that she deserved. The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller, and in this play he demonstrates the things people would do to get whatever they want. By looking at the dialogue and the stage directions that were presented in the play, it is easy to tell how Abigail’s character managed to get through the trials.
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This happens, due to the fact that people thought that if any person looked at Abigail the wrong way, she would accuse them of witchcraft. However, during the trials, John comes out with the affair to the court, and everyone is shocked. John was blackening his name to save his wife, so when Danforth questions Abigail about it she gets defensive. She says, “What look do you give me? I’ll not have such looks!” (Miller 221). Abigail is obviously shocked that he actually told the court about the affair, but the thing that shocks her is the fact that John just ruined his name and will not be looked at the same way in front of the court or anyone else. However, she then realizes that he is also damaging her reputation as well. She can already feel her name get ruined, the moment that Danforth looks at Abigail. She realizes that she needs Elizabeth to lie in order for people to think that it is not true, and for once she is even relying on Goody Proctor. During this trial, John brings forward Mary Warren who was apart of Abigail and the other girls who were pretending to see people with the devil. This time though, Mary Warren said that the girls were lying and they did not see anyone with the devil. Abigail does not like this so she goes ahead and starts accusing Mary of sending her soul out to hurt the girls. In this part Abigail says, “unperturbed, continuing to the “bird”. Oh, Mary, this is a …show more content…
However it ended with that same man getting executed because of her. Throughout the play, Abigail stayed the same way, she was only trying to protect herself. At the end of the day, the only thing that mattered to her was her name, but that turned to be as black as the night sky. Abigail is a character that will always be remembered in

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