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Give Kids a Family with Mom and Dad
A marriage life is a complicated relationship of humankind that requires mutual understanding and commitments from both partners, and divorce has become a number one issue in our modern life, especially in America. People get divorced as quick as the decision that they have made to live together. Divorced people are from different ranges of age and situations of life in the society. Not all the decisions of breaking up is bad. However, kids are the party who suffer the most from their parents’ divorce. Therefore, parents in marriage trouble should stay together for the sake of their kids because a family with both parents has a great impact on the kids’ wellness, it helps the kids to perform better at school
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Family life plays an important role on a child’s wellness. A family is a unit of society where the kids learn to interact, to empathy, and to share. Living a family with both parents, the kids become more confident in life because they are beneficial from the love and supports from both mom and dad. The love and care from parents will help their kids to develop their emotional intelligence, keep them stay away from negative moods and manners. My kids are proud to talk with their friends about how we love them. We usually hug them and show them passionate gestures as my kids enjoy the feeling of being loved by parents. Every time we spend time together with our kids, I can see the happiness on their face and they keep telling me how they are grateful for living in a family with both parents. In fact, we have problem in our marriage life, and we had many time though of divorce decision. However, we both decided to give our kids a family where they can get the supports that they need. As we raise the family together, we realize that kids living with both parents seem to be happier and confident than kids whose parents are divorced. When both mom and dad living together they can support each other in taking care of the kids with relates to their health, school, relationships. Both parents can see thing from different points of view from an angel of a …show more content…
However, making a divorce decision is an expensive one. When people get divorce they will encounter financial pressure as a single-parent. Child supports and alimony is a heavy financial burden. Once they are separated, they both will increase their living expenses such as the rent for accommodation, gas, car expense, utility bills. Those expenses can be saved by the decision to maintain living together. When a couple are divorced, it can influence the medical insurance benefit as she or he can enjoy the benefits through the employment from which the other spouse is

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