Juxtaposition In Research Paper

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Grade 9 Cornerstone: A Depiction of Juxtaposition
Cornerstone Two
English 1, Unit 2
Grade 9
Lesson Topic: Finding the best juxtaposition
Day # 1
Overview of lesson sequence (note: the bolded portion is included in this lesson): Students will brainstorm examples of juxtaposition in the text and record them on Handout 1.1. They will rank them and write a rationale statement that justifies their ranking using evidence from the text. Finally, they will choose the juxtaposition they ranked number one and develop their rationale into a short essay relating the juxtaposition to the themes of truth and beauty. They will illustrate their essay with an image found on Image Quest and explain why the image illustrates the juxtaposition. Students will
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● Morrison contrasts Maureen’s looks with her behavior and uses this comparison to show how society views beauty.
The Bluest Eye
Writing utensils
Chart 1.1
Time / Stage in Lesson
Lesson Actions
Materials Needed
Guided and Independent Practice
25 min.
What Teacher Does

Part I:
Teacher does and says:
• When we read a text and begin to write an essay, we should always think about the evidence from the text that we will discuss in our essays.
• Plans to what extent students will need guided practice. Some students may be ready to start this process on their own; others may need additional support. Teachers can use the resource below to support the process.

Part II:
Teacher does and says:
• Now that you have reflected on the textual evidence you pulled from the novel, you will share your thinking with peers in order to further refine your thinking.
• Provides directions (see below in “What Students Do”).

The Bluest Eye
Writing utensils
Chart 1.1
What Student Does

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Students should go over their list and rank them in order of importance. They should jot down justification for their reasoning.
Sample Student List (With Ranking)
• Toni Morrison uses the Dick and Jane narrative to juxtapose the fictions of the white ideal family to the reality of life for the black families in the text. (#3)
• Toni Morrison uses two different ideas of a “house” to expose how economic status can affect how quickly a child grows, how happy they are in life, and even the types of social issues that cause stress. (#2)- This comparison is important because it is how the book begins. I believe it is second in both importance and my ability to write about it. Because I would have to collect evidence, I am concerned that it is only about 4 pages long. However, the idea seems to be throughout the book and represented in various characters so if I outlined well, I may gather enough evidence to use this as my cornerstone contrast example.
• Geraldine and Junior are juxtaposed with Pecola in terms of looks, experiences in school, and financial standing in the community in order to expose an “internal racism”.

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