Essay about Analysis : All Gold Canyon

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Why? Why is a question that can give a great thought process on how we do things and the reason we do in a particular manner. The short story “All Gold Canyon” has many specific details put in the work to identify what the story is about and the real meaning behind the composition. Critical thinking is a large aspect that should be used more often when reading a book, watching a movie, or just simply analyzing the routine of some people. It is very interesting for the reason that if someone cannot communicate with the person that is directly involve, like a writer, all the conclusions made about a certain point are just hypothesis that someone may never know if it is correct or not. “All Gold Canyon” has many specific details that can inquire a secondary meaning behind the words, but some important things that will be focused on is why did the prospector repeatedly say that he was shot in the back, the detailed imagery on the setting of the story, and the why the details of the robbers burial were very descriptive. Getting along to the end of the story, the lonely prospector had hit the apex of the digging site in which he was trying to find some sort of reward for his hard work. After everything in that scene had happened and the prospector was shot in the back, the prospector kept exclaiming his anger and discomfort by repeating “you shot me in the back” multiple times. Prospectors did not come off as very intelligent people and would do few things to keep their…

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