Malcol Malcolm X's A Conversation Of Black Women

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Have you ever been judged by something that you cannot possibly change about yourself? For most black women around the world, we are judged by the very characteristics that make us black. Because these so called ‘differences’ separate us from every other race and gender, people who are different from us and do not understand black women and want us to conform to the standard look and attitude. For some it is the “unmanageable” hair that stops us from getting a job, so why not get a relaxer? For others it is the “thick voice” that stops people from listening to what we actually have to say. Why don't you practice talking at a lower tone? In “A Conversation With Black Women on Race,” it is apparent that black women feel attacked for things they cannot change, but often enough the microaggressions of other demographics make them feel as if they have to conform to societal standards. …show more content…
The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.” Malcolm X had said this in a speech in 1962, which means that even fifty-five years later this is still the foundation of what black women fight for. As one woman in “A Conversation With Black Women on Race,” she recalls when a teacher told her that she could not do specific roles in a play because she was black. However, that carries out into everyday life for black women in America because they cannot be cast for certain roles because they are black and that does not fit what the producer has in mind. On the contrary, one could say that women of other races are not cast as roles that are meant for a black woman. But, many black actresses such as Viola Davis (lead role in “How to Get Away With Murder) who says meaningful roles for a black woman are far and few

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