Analysing The 14 Random People Essay

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While surveying the 14 random people, I noticed that most of them had similar responses to each question. On the scale of 1-10, most of them answered between 4 and 6 about caring for the environment. They knew it was an important topic, but most of them hardly did anything to solve any environmental issues. Only 5 people out of the 14 said they recycled their materials while the others just threw everything away. Their response to recycling was that they did not “have time to sort out their trash” or did not want to “bother with it.” They do not think recycling is worth the trouble and extra responsibility. As far as water, I asked each of them if they conserve their use of water when they take showers or brush their teeth. Nobody admitted that they turn the water off after they get their toothbrush wet or their hair wet and then turn it back on after cleaning to rinse. This actually does not surprise me. When someone is in the shower or brushing their teeth, people do not think about saving the planet. They are more concerned with doing what needs to be done to start or end their day. I find it interesting to observe the different habits of those in rich nations compared to those in poor nations. On a mission trip to Guatemala, I noticed the Guatemala families share the dirty and cold bath water while in America, a girl complains if her brother uses all of the hot water.
The results of my survey clearly describe typical American behavior. One person actually pondered when…

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