Analysiis for Sox Essay

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lysis for SoxSelam
*Follow the basic outline below to construct your paper and sales presentation. * Introduction * Brief history of your product/service (be creative, a few photos throughout this paper is always nice).SELAM * Product/Service (see chapter 2) * Identify product attributes. * Identify and explain customer marketplace. * Identify and explain competition. * Other general research including distribution (how is this product sold through a direct sales channel) and promotion * Strategic Plan * Prospect universe (where to find prospects). * Target prospect (who has potential to buy your product/service-Ch. 7).
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Sales Presentation Plan (steps 3-9 of the sales process, use format on p.433, Exhibit A, you will be incorporating information from the strategic plan) * Approach-select and explain the approach you want to use from Ch. 10, use questions (direct, nondirective, rephrasing, or redirect) and include answers. * Presentation * Read Ch. 11 in detail to guide you on how to construct and give the presentation in a professional manner. Professionalism in dress and behavior during the presentation will be a part of your grade. * Follow “B” on outline on p. 433 and be sure to use some or all of the six elements in the sales presentation mix. Use the SELL Sequence technique when discussing the product, marketing plan, and business proposition. * List a few hurdles and how to overcome them mentioned on pages 355-358. This will help you be prepared in case they happen during your presentation. * Trial Close- ask the prospect’s opinion after finishing the presentation (for this section in your paper, just explain how you are going to ask the prospect’s opinion)
During the presentation: * If there is a positive response to the trial close immediately after the presentation, move to the close. * If the prospect raises an objection, smile and welcome it, understand or clarify it, respond

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