An Tool A Police Office Essay

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In all that is bad and good in a police service, there is a obvious subculture which associated with the majority of agencies. While academic teachings commonly portray police culture as a negative, saturated in cynicism, loyalty above all else, masochism and a “one for all-all for one”(Fuqua, 2001)mentality, is has many positive traits which are often overlooked. Officers require the subculture in order to survive a emotionally taxing and difficult job that few are brave enough to attempt. Some of the added value of this police subculture are but not limited to; perseverance, teamwork, support, empathy and the ability to cope with PTSD. The most important tool a police office may have in the battle against PTSD is a network of team members who take care of each other. The officers receive support from each other because of this shared values. Values such as camaraderie bravery,, and sacrifice empower officers to place themselves in harm 's way.

The story
For the most part everyone has seen the movie “Training Day”, (Fuqua, 2001) with the main stars being Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington. For those who are sheltered, Training Day is a perfect case of a movie shining a light on police deviance. In the movie, a season narcotics officer(Alonzo) who plays by his own rules, offers the rookie(Jake) a shot to work alongside him. The two officers go out on patrol in order for Alanzo to to show Jake what “real”(Fuqua, 2001) Policing is all about. Immediately into the…

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