An Study Of Human Movement Essay

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Kinesiology, which is defined as the study of human movement, is taking a bigger role in many universities just like Louisiana State University, as many people shift their focus to changing and taking care of their own bodies. In today’s modern world, many managers, workers, and students are seeking a healthier life in order to prevent and resist daily stress factors in school, work, and leisure time. Moreover, being physical active does not only help us succeed in everyday challenges, but it also improves our mood and increases our bodies overall fitness level, which can be important later in life. Gyms and other recreational environments are giving us every chance to stay in shape. The only problem is that many people do not know how to effectively work out. This is one of the reasons why so many people nowadays seek higher education in sectors such as athletic training, fitness training, or sport coaching in order to help out athletes in college or professional settings, as well as “normal” people by creating individual programs to help improve their overall fitness levels. This essay will not only focus on the reasons why working out should be a bigger part of our daily lives, but also on why it is exceptionally important to be aware of occurring problems in America regarding couch-potatoes, and finally how a fitness plan could look like for an everyday person.
With the rise of education, people have become more aware that being fit is an important part of a…

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