Essay on An Report On First Nation Discrimination

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Insufficient Support to First-Nations

By: Tristan Maybee



First-Nation Discrimination in Canada
In today’s modern society there are many minority groups that have faced and currently face racial discrimination. Groups such as the First-Nations face these social problems every day and the government doesn’t provide enough help. These problems however are getting worse and not better, although the government gives millions of dollars and provides some social programs to these people, it isn’t enough as this is making the problem worse. This can be seen through increased suicide rates, poor housing and income, lower life expectancy and lower quality of life. These factors show that the discrimination has not been fixed as it is seen through the eyes of the government. Many of the problems of discrimination come from how we perceive and handle criminal justice as well as the idea of equality and fairness in the context of social discrimination. In a case study we can see how an individual suffered from discrimination in his work place which proves how discrimination has not yet been solved. Although the government can’t control this sort of discrimination it is important to recognize that more social programs are needed to help stop it. This social problem affects society as a whole rather than just the individual group. Tax payer’s dollars are sent to help the First-Nations groups but since the problem isn’t getting better…

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