An Old Expression About The Sophisticated Construction Of Yugoslavia

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There is an old expression about the sophisticated construction of Yugoslavia: “Yugoslavia consists of six republics, five nationalities, four languages, three religions, two alphabets, one political party, and only one “true” Yugoslav – the Josip Broz Tito”. He managed to unite the country and to free it from the foreign invaders, hereinafter becoming a leader of the Communist Party and a statesman, in whose hands all political power was concentrated. Therefore, the thesis of this paper is that Yugoslavia turned into dictatorship being driven by the will of Josip Bros Tito, who, in turn, implemented his will via using the respect of people he obtained for coming to his country’s rescue during WWII.
History has proved that dictatorships emerge in times of severe crises when the image of firm hand leading the nation into desired prosperity is the most popular among people who strive for major improvements in their country. The most democratic country may turn into a dictatorship if its democratic leaders fail to deal with economic or social difficulties. A completely new order with a strong leader implementing him is often perceived as a contrast to the bad old order, and therefore, is considered as much better one. That is why many countries seeking better future by destroying the past often fall victims of dictatorships. It should be noted that many scholars prove that there are potential dictators in every society. However they need an opportunity, an event, serving as…

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