An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Essay

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Ambrose Bierce wrote the short story “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” published in Tales of Soldiers and Civilians in 1891. Bierce had based the story of a man who is being hanged in Tennessee as a reference to his suspenseful piece from his experience as a soldier during the civil war. The short story was written into three parts, where each passage has different motives. The order the story was written in was remarkable and the suspense can get into oneself for various reasons. He had used vivid imagery throughout the text and the narration was a combination of limited and omniscient third person point of view. Each device had shaped a great selection, as readers are able to use their imagination when reading. The author created an illusion that tricks the readers mind where one believe one thing and in the end the reader learns that everything they had read was a lie. If to change the order of the selection, the text differ as the effectiveness of the author’s purpose of persuasion cannot be successfully accomplished. Thus, point of view, persuasion, and the use of illusion is seen amongst the short story.

In the first section, a procession of a hanging of an unnamed man led by the Union is being held on Owl Creek Bridge. The unnamed character then gets distracted though overlooked those distractions and thought about his family as he nears death (being his final thoughts). As stated in the text, “A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down…

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