An Introduction To The Non Market Environment Issues Affecting The State Of Alaska And The Alaska Native Corporations

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This report is in response to your request to conduct an analysis of the non-market environment issues affecting both the State of Alaska and the Alaska Native Corporations to create an awareness of the broad range of ways by which the non-market environment, especially the government policies affects business. Specifically, this study aims to discuss:
1. The dimensions of a non-market environmental issues, stages through which it moves, and the company’s response to changes across various stages;
2. The revenue structure of the State of Alaska and its significance to the current budget shortfall; and
3. What the economic impact is of Alaska Native Corporations to the state’s current economy and how it contrast to the past.
The current economy is highly dependent on the production of North Slope crude oil. It has been the backbone of much of Alaska’s economic growth, that the drop in oil price from $107.28 the same month five years ago to $45.69 this month, coupled by the declining oil production has caused the a deficit in the state budget and a corresponding ripple effect to the economy.

Non-Market Environmental Issues and Life Cycle While the firm’s competitive advantages lie in part in the development and exploitation of hard-to-imitate capabilities and resources in the market environment, its performance also depends on the social, political and legal context in which it operates - the non-market environment that presents important advantages and risks to…

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