An Intelligent Argument Against The Medical Field Essay

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Hypothesis Testing As previously stated in the introduction, this section of the paper will further develop the specific points that define the thesis. It aims to use empirical findings and hypotheses to formulate an intelligent argument in favor of better accommodation of women within the medical field. This section will also include a counter-argument which is intended to briefly shed light on some of the positive experiences of women in medicine.
Family Life The average pregnancy lasts for roughly nine months, whereas the average amount of time it takes for one to get a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, and successfully complete both a residency program and fellowship program can take up to fifteen years in total (Greenwood). It is then no wonder that women must think long and hard before deciding to combine the task of being a doctor with the responsibilities of having a family. Unfortunately, the period during which most women start having children occurs around the same time women are finishing up medical school, residency, or starting their medical careers (Koren). This may be why it was found that around 42 percent of female doctors begin having children at some point during their time as either a medical student or a resident (Koren). In a study involving in-person interviews of female otolaryngology residents, the majority of the women said that up until thirty-six weeks of pregnancy, they were expected to completely fulfill all of their training requirements…

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