An Informal Methodology Conducted By A Community Health Nurse

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Windshield Survey
Tonya Bates
Allyson Carter
NSG 3068
November 5, 2016
Annette Mathieson, RN MSN

Windshield Survey
The purpose of the windshield survey is to establish an informal methodology conducted by a community health nurse to obtain basic knowledge about a distinct community. Community assessment is key to planning, implementing, and evaluating strategies to improve the health of a specific community. Through driving and walking a windshield survey provides a subjective of the many physical characteristics of a community .

Essential to the role of community nursing is community assessment. In order to clarify the process it is crucial to understand the various types of community. There are two types of communities considered when conducting a windshield survey. The first type is known as a “geopolitical community” ( Lancaster & Stanhope, 2016, p. 410). This type of community is a conglomerate of persons residing and employed in a definite geographical area. The second is a “phenomenological community” (, this is a collective of persons of like mindedness of common interests, or ideas and inter/intra personal connections. However, the borders for this type of community are not as established as those for a geopolitical community. Furthermore, it is important to note that a phenomenological community can subsist within a geopolitical community.

Community Health By focusing on a particular geographic region,…

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