An Individual 's Decision Towards Committing A Crime Essay

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Sampson and Laub were two people who both wanted to know what can cause an individual to make a decision towards committing a crime. According to the text, it states, “Most significantly, Sampson adn Laub emphasized the importance of certain events and life changes, which can alter an individual 's decisions to commit (or not commit) criminal activity (Tibbetts, 2012). There are many events and life changes that could bring this about. For example, it may be employment, marriage, military service, or pregnancy. Employment, marriage, and military service are the main three things that would be brought up. To me, I believe pregnancy would be more on the side of deciding not to commit a crime. The reason for this could be that you wouldn 't want the child to be born in a environment where you will commit crimes up until the point where it becomes old. Once your child receieves a glimese of this, then they are going to have the mind set that committing crimes is something that they should do as well. The only transition that I have seen in my life that supports Sampson and Lamb 's developmental model would be employment. My life changed when I started working at the age of seventeen. Ever since I have started my first job, I am willing to work all I can, just so I can get things in life on my own rather than asking for it. In my opinion, I believe my transition would not support Sampson and Lamb 's developmental model because I have never been on the path of consistent…

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