An Indian Father 's Plea By Robert Lake Essay

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People go about their day conforming to whatever it is they encounter, not even regarding their morals or cultural heritage. The question I ask myself is, “Why would someone stand by and not express who they really are when their culture is being ridiculed?” People with different cultures should share their culture with others so that other people may learn about different things and to accept different types of people. It is the other peoples job to listen and accept differences in heritage with open arms and realize that were all stuck on this earth together and we have to find a way to make it work and to make the best of our situation. Being different is something that not all people embrace or even acknowledge in their everyday lives. In “An Indian Father’s Plea” by Robert Lake (Medicine Grizzlybear) a concerned father is writing a letter to his sons school teacher extensively describing his sons ethnicity and how he was brought up in a Native American culture. The reason that Medicine Grizzlybear is doing this is because his son is being forced by the government to be given an education at a school that is filled with only American children. The kids are picking on him and his teacher has labeled him as a “slow” learner. He is being discriminated against for being different and for this reason he want to completely leave his culture behind and never have to think about it again. If the American culture at this time would have been more accepting Medicine…

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