Essay on An Indian Father 's Plea By Robert Lake

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Culture is the foundation of which we construct our livelihoods. It encompasses all aspects of our society: our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and goals; all are impacted by the culture we are surrounded by. However, this cultural impact is not always advantageous; unless we are painfully mindful of our predispositions, those around us may very easily suffer as a result of their consequences. Because its impact is so great, is it very easy to have our perception of the world be in a negative, harmful light, even when we are not aware of it. Culture influences the way we see the world, which influences the way we change the world.

One’s perspective on the world begins early in life; one’s upbringing and the culture surrounding it has enormous consequences on actions later made. In the poem, “An Indian Father 's Plea,” by Robert Lake, a Native American boy by the name of Wind-Wolf is entering his first year of public school, and his father worries that his cultural background, along with his skin color, will disturb his learning experience. Indeed, the narrator says, “He is five years old, in kindergarten, and I can’t understand why you have already labeled him a slow learner”(Lake, Wind-Wolf’s teacher labels Wind-Wolf at a disadvantage, a slow learner, simply due to his distinctions. Because of this, his father commences making the teacher understand that declaring his child’s culture as a setback to his learning abilities is not acceptable and…

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