Essay on An Expression Of Humanity 's Curiosity

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Throughout the ages of men, we have been groping for the secret of the universe and our role in it. The plant we lived is so gorgeous that we are just like new-born babe curious about everything in the world. We are curious about the shape of this world; waiting for a glimpse of the edge of it, so they started to explore this planet, finally found the earth is a sphere. We were then puzzled with the origin of ourselves as we used to perceive that human is not the son of God but evolved from monkeys. After realizing that there is a relationship between electric and magnetic fields, we discovered the Ampère 's circuital law and Electromagnetic induction. Now, we can launch a spacecraft to moon, Mars, or even out of the solar system.

Therefore, most of us would say scientific research is an expression of humanity’s curiosity towards the Universe surrounding us. As human being has the compelling urge to explore and to discover, our innate curiosity has led us some incredible discovers. However, curiosity is actually only one of the factors which drive men to investigate the Universe. Especially after satisfying our basic needs, the aim of scientific research becomes more and more complex. In this essay I will illustrate the driving forces of scientific research which include profit, warfare and combatting threats to human health.

In the course of development of science and technology, the desire of profit exerts a far-reaching impact on scientific research. Though a huge…

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