Essay An Event At Mighty 's Place And Get A Band

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The strategy was to host an event at Mighty’s Place and get a band to donate the money from the cover charge. The plan involved having a gofundme page that would be shared regularly to raise monies. Another aspect was to start a group called “Stop the Stigma” and get 50 group members. August 30th, 2016 I met with Earnest Moreland and Shelly Davis to discuss ideas for fundraisers. September 6th, 2016 I started a gofundme page to raise funds for the roof. I shared the page on a regular basis throughout the project. The plan was to call local churches and ask for support. This did not happen. September 20th I met with Michele Beery to discuss having a band for the fundraiser in her bar. Friends and family shared the fundraiser page on Facebook.
Bracelets and t-shirts were in the original discussion of the fundraiser but there was not money in the budget to do so. Flyers were placed in the communities and shared through email to local businesses and the newspaper. The Parsons Sun advertised the event in their community events section.
The final plan consisted of a 7-band fundraiser, with an all you can eat spaghetti dinner, and a raffle ticket for donated items. Decorations for the tables were made to add a more intimate feel to the dinner. The dinner ran from 4pm to 9pm at Mighty’s Place and the bands performed from 9pm to 2am. Mighty’s Place, US Foods, and Eagle Beverage sponsored the event. The event was held October 22nd 2016 and $343 dollars was raised. Thank…

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