An Essay About The Future Of The Life Of A Death By Barbara Adam And Hartmut Rosa

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Accelerating World
Every life leads to a death; it is an inevitable cycle of life. With the mindset of having to be eliminated from this world someday, people from different time periods use different ways to last forever in this world. Barbara Adam and Hartmut Rosa both talk about how people deal with their finite life. Adam talks about Stonehenge people who believe in afterlife and that is their way of dealing with death, they would be transcendental-future oriented.
Not only myth, ritual and art, but also some of the earliest forms of monumental architecture can be viewed as expressions of the human endeavour to create stability and permanence on the one hand and as a quest for the meaning of existence, origin and destiny on the other” (Adam 120)
In present days, people tend to have fewer beliefs in afterlives due to the advance in scientific fields. Rosa talks about modern people’s way of dealing with the inevitable end. People have new ways to transcending their times. They are living the afterlife right here right now by compacting everything into their limited time. Since they have the ability to do more in a short period of time, they live the most before they are forced to lay in graves forever. Modern people start to invent things that would make their lives easier. That is one of the ways people deal with an inevitable death – to save time for meaningful things. Hence, “the idea of the fulfilled life no longer suppose a ‘higher life’ waiting for us after death,…

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