An Essay About Ethos, Pathos, Logos And Main Features Of Genres

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I have written several writing projects and have finished several reviews for my fellow classmates in this course. Throughout this first semester of college, I have been working diligently in English. This class has helped improve the many skills that I didn’t even know I had, like my tone and providing evidence. The several different types of projects allowed me to improve the process of how to write essays by learning things like writing peer reviews and organizing essays. The reviews gave me a deeper understanding about ethos, pathos, logos and main features of genres. This essay is going to explain what I have improved upon and learned in this class over the course of the semester.

Rhetorical Knowledge Since the beginning of the semester I have been improving my rhetorical knowledge day by day. The first writing project was the rhetorical analysis essay in which we were given “The Long Crush” essay, “Consider the Lobsters” essay, and “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self” essay to analyze. It taught us how to find the intended audience and the structure of the arrangement. The Reading Journal assignments, one through four had questions that asked us to take the short essays we read and explain who the audience is, what the purpose was, and who the author was. These assignments strengthened my knowledge of purpose behind writing.

Throughout the semester we have completed several peer reviews, these reviews have given me the chance to improve my work by…

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