An Epic Of Old Mali By Mamadou Kouyaté

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An Epic of Old Mali by Griot Mamadou Kouyaté, master in the art of eloquence and he was a man who teach kings the history of their ancestors and the historian of sundiata story. Once, King Maghan ruled the kingdom of Mali and loved for all the people. He was great among kings and last of the great conquerors. Maghan Kon Fatta was the father of the great sundiata and had three wives. He was renowned for his beauty in very land. One day, a hunter came his house to visit the king.Then the hunter asked him to marry a woman called Sogolon and the hunter told him that Sogolon would bear him a son who will become the greatest king. It was know that she was not beautiful, so the lion child came to the world, the bravery whose name was sundiata.
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Atually, I learn a lot of things that make me change in wich for better. It was very intersting because is about an history that the main charater began his journey of fulfilling his destiny and fighting for his people, wich I am pursuvant for it. Also I was feeling hang down to emotion because when the story started on a sad beginings of child who couldn’t walked and only crawled. So I think the one thing that the griot want me to understand that when god make hay of with my life may be having trouble or problems, I can be hopeful and ought to obeying the mysteries of god. Because, Believe in God was one reason why people followed and trusted. Therefore, I should not make fuss of that. Thus I must make my headway and make it. Because the griot use strong power of conversation that made illustrous in my mind. Also, I have learn that the success is very hard to reach. One should be sacrifice a lot of things and sometimes have moments that have step in other things to reach it. I was amazed how two main charaters fought and without compasion, but one with passion or respetive success to reach. Also, I saw on that brilliant story that to be victory or winner believe in the word of god, sometimes the weakeness is a side that must put away and hopeful that my lord will see me with kinds …show more content…
I would understanding that the African people belief in God and how they fell strongly about God. African’s strongly believed that God plan for anyone’s life is going to happen. As proverb, But what can man do against his destiny! Nothing. In spite of, in the age of seven he couldn’t walked just crawled on the ground. Then, it was time that some people lose their faith but He always crawled with the word of God. Although, as God plain was still to be fulfilled for him. Even could not walk but he was destined to be a great Muslim leader. In other hand, was a story of success, and a story of a leader who did not just lead his community, but he saved. Many events in the story that describe significantly. However, the illusions of those events take away from their importance by giving them a mythical sense, such as, magic was things associated with fairy and something unreal. Response paragraph

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