An Enemy Of The People By Jonah Halili Essay

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Jonah Halili
Literature Class

The title An Enemy of the People is very twisted. While trying to help the people in the town, the protagonist, Dr. Stockmann, was being interrupted by his brother, Peter Stockmann, the editor of the People’s Messenger, Hovstad, and the printer, Aslaksen. When Dr. Stockmann gave out the truth about the pollution in the water to the people, they rejoiced him for being the hero of the town. What they did not know yet was the cost of the renovations to the town. Once the people heard about the cost, they immediately turned against Dr. Stockmann which made him an enemy of the people. Dr. Stockmann was a very popular man in the beginning. He always had company in his house until they turned on him. He had lost mostly everything including his job, his house, his encouragement from the people, and not to mention his compact majority. Now he is practically alone with very little support. All the support he had was his Petra, Katherine Stockmann, Captain Horster, and his two boys.
I would describe Petra’s and Dr. Stockmann’s relationship as a good one. Petra was mentored by her father, Dr. Stockmann, and she supports her father in every way. Petra is a school teacher in the town. She passes down the liberal thinking from her father down to the next generation. Like her father Petra is very liberal and idealistic meaning she does not want to lie to her students in the school and teach them things that are not true. The majority of women in the…

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