An Effective Youth Serving Professional Essay

1253 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Final Reflection
Imagine this, you are in a classroom and the instructor walks in. He starts his lecture full of energy. Everyone around you is engaged, and comfortable with one another. You are in a safe place and you feel encouraged and embraced by your peers and instructor. This scenario is possible. Instructors and other youth-serving professionals need strong communication skills in the class room in order to be effective educators. What can we do to make this situation better, some may ask? Youth- serving professionals need to better their communication skills with youths to fully capture their engagement and educate.
Based on my experiences in this course and the assigned readings my current understanding of what it means to be an effective youth-serving professional has been clarified. Effective youth-serving professional’s must build a relationship with the youth. We must be respectful towards the youth, but also hold them to a higher standard. Holding our students to higher standards at the beginning shows that we believe they can do it, in return the youth will respect us back. We must be open-minded with our students. Not only should we be open minded with our youth, we also should be understanding and empathetic. We should be genuine with our actions. Youth-Serving professionals need to do all of the actions above along with actually educating the youth. We are here to help them grow in healthy, educational ways. While we build proper relationships with…

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