An Effective Way Of Dealing With Adolescent 's Depression Essay

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Logotherapy as Effective Way of Dealing with Adolescent’s Depression Is the Logotherapy an effective method for helping young people with depression? By its nature adolescence is known and accepted as depressed life cycle. In the adolescence youngsters leave the long childhood behind, but they still do not reach all the requirements of being grown-ups. Beside physical, physiological, psychological, cognitive and emotional changes, the youngster passes through several developmental steps, and unfortunately in every step they encounter different problems that need solving. If the adolescents get insufficient against problems or are incapable in the process of adaptation to their new life period, they will experience trouble. During the adolescence most of the young people have problems, but some of them being unable to overcome these problems struggle with depression. Depression in youngsters arises under influence of environmental stress factors, familial predisposition and familial social learning and modeling. Constantly being affected by emerging events and environmental stress factors, young people and especially those who struggle with depression are dependent who need control and guidance. Throughout the history of human beings the scientists made considerable psychological, psychiatric and pharmacological discoveries and wrote theories that show their approaches for healing depression. One of these effective methods of treating depression is Logotherapy that is…

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